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How To Downgrade Woocommerce Plugin?

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With over 5 million active installs, WooCommerce is the world’s most popular eCommerce platform. Its open-source nature allows developers to build extensions and plugins that enhance the core functionality.

However, sometimes plugin updates introduce bugs or remove useful features.

When this happens, store owners may want to revert to an older version of a WooCommerce plugin.

We will go over how to downgrade Woocommerce plugin in this article. Downgrading plugins takes a bit of work but can be done fairly easily if you follow the right steps.

Read on to learn how to downgrade WooCommerce plugins to restore lost functionality or fix issues caused by updates.

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How To Downgrade Woocommerce Plugin?

How to Downgrade Woocommerce Plugin

Struggling with a buggy WooCommerce plugin update?

Downgrading to an older version can quickly restore functionality and fix problems caused by recent updates.

Thankfully, reverting WooCommerce extensions is straightforward – just deactivate, fully delete, then re-install and re-activate the previous working release.

For simple rollback, first backup your site, then find the problematic plugin and disable.

Remove all its files, then grab the specific older version you want from the archive. Upload this to install on your Plugins page, activate, and it will override the updated buggy version.

Test that everything works again, and your store will be back up running on the stable older plugin release in no time.

How To Downgrade Woocommerce Plugin

Downgrading WooCommerce extensions is straightforward – first backup your site, then deactivate and fully delete the current plugin version.

Next, download the specific older release you want from the archives and install it like a new plugin.

Finally, activate this older version and it will override the updated files that were causing issues.

Test your site to ensure the downgrade successfully restored functionality or resolved any problems.

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  • How do I revert to a previous version of WooCommerce?

Follow these steps to downgrade to an older version of a WooCommerce plugin:

  1. Backup your site – Before making any changes, back up your WordPress installation and database. This safeguards your store in case anything goes wrong.
  2. Deactivate the plugin – Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and deactivate the extension you want to downgrade. This will disable it so the current version is no longer active.
  3. Delete the plugin – Delete the current version of the plugin from your site’s plugin folder, usually wp-content/plugins. This removes the problematic updated files.
  4. Install the older version – Download the specific previous version you want from the plugin repository or developer site. Then upload and install it like a new plugin.
  5. Activate the older version – Head to Plugins > Installed Plugins again and activate the downgraded plugin. It will now override the updated version.
  6. Test your site – Check that your store functions properly with the now-active older version. Make sure any issues are resolved and nothing is broken.

How Do I Rollback a Woocommerce Plugin?

  1. Backup your WordPress site. Go to Tools > Backup within your WordPress admin and create a complete backup of your files and database. This ensures you have a restore point if anything goes wrong.
  2. Deactivate the problematic plugin. Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins, find the plugin you want to rollback and click Deactivate. This will disable the current version so it is no longer running.
  3. Delete the plugin files. Use FTP or your host’s file manager to access your WordPress plugin folder, usually wp-content/plugins. Locate the main folder for the plugin you are rolling back and delete it. This completely removes the updated plugin files.
  4. Download the previous version. Go to the plugin repository or developer site and find the specific older version you want. Download the .zip file for that release.
  5. Install the older version. Go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress admin. Upload the .zip file you downloaded for the older version. WordPress will now install this legacy plugin release.
  6. Activate the previous version. Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and click Activate on the older version you just uploaded. This will enable the rollback.
  7. Test your site. Navigate your storefront and admin dashboard to make sure everything is functioning properly with the now-active previous version.

Woocommerce Old Version Download

If you need to downgrade a problematic WooCommerce plugin update, simply download the specific previous release you want to roll back to.

Search the WordPress repository or developer site, find the version’s details page, and grab the zip file. Install this older archived plugin on your site to override the buggy updated files.

Old versions provide an easy route to restore lost functionality or fix issues caused by new unstable releases.

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Woocommerce Old Version Download Free

Thankfully, reverting to an older release of most WooCommerce extensions can be done without paying anything.

The WordPress plugin repository offers free access to archived legacy versions for popular extensions like WooCommerce Bookings, Subscriptions, Follow-Up Emails, and more.

Just search for the plugin, open the version details, and grab the .zip file for the specific previous release you want.

Developer sites also often make older releases available to download at no cost.

While some paid plugins may require repurchasing an old license, the vast majority can be downgraded for free.

Take advantage of these archives to easily rollback buggy updates completely free.

How Do I Download an Older Version of Woocommerce?

To easily find and download an older version of any WooCommerce plugin like WooCommerce Bookings:

  • Search the plugin WordPress repository and click the Version x notes to see available archives.
  • On the version page, click the .zip button to download that release.
  • Or get the older version from the developer’s site if available.
  • Upload this .zip file on your WordPress Plugins > Add New page.
  • Install and activate the older plugin version.

Be sure to verify the compatibility with your WooCommerce version to avoid potential conflicts.

While plugin updates provide useful enhancements and security fixes, sometimes downgrading to an older version is necessary.

Hopefully you now know how to downgrade Woocommerce plugin after reading this article.

Reverting WooCommerce extensions requires just a few simple steps of deactivating, deleting, re-installing, and re-activating the previous release.

You can easily download archived plugin versions for free from repositories.

Just be sure to backup your site first and check for compatibility.

With the right old plugin version activated, your store will be back up and running the way it was before problematic updates caused issues.